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Spreading of excellence

NESSoS partners have a strong interest in (and are committed to) spreading the knowledge and research results to the scientific community at large and to the multitude of interested stakeholders in both the academia and the industry. In addition, we also address communication to a wider audience about the foreseen impact and progress for Europe.

In addition, NESSoS will establish an open and application oriented research community that challenges, compares and absorbs strong and promising results from all interested research teams in Europe. This will be addressed by the organization of open competitions that demonstrate, validate and compare results in the scope of the research areas sketched above. As the NoE grows and evolves, these competitions will start to address integrated settings that combine multiple techniques into services architectures that are representative for the Future Internet. Competitions comparable to “Capture the Flag” will then confront people, platforms and tools with each other, thus increasing the visibility of NESSoS and its impact.

The main activities for spreading excellence are dissemination & communication, education & training, and exploitation & standardization.