NESSoS FP7 Project
The Final version of the NESSoS research roadmap is available PDF Print E-mail

The final version of the NESSoS research roadmap is available at the URL:  http://www.nessos-project.eu/media/deliverables/y3/NESSoS-D4.3-PartII-Roadmap.pdf

NESSoS invited presentation at ValueSec event PDF Print E-mail

A presentation on the NESSoS activities has been given by Fabio Martinelli

at the final conference of the ValueSec project (www.valuesec.eu/).

The ValueSec final conference has been a good opportunity to share the

latest development of NESSoS in front of a large community of stakeholders

interested in risk management activities.

Project description PDF Print E-mail

The Network of Excellence on Engineering Secure Future Internet Software Services and Systems (NESSoS) aims at constituting and integrating a long lasting research community on engineering secure software-based services and systems.