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The joint research activities fall in six areas: security requirements for FI services, creating secure service architectures and secure service design, supporting programming environments for secure and composable services, enabling security assurance, integrating the former results in a risk-aware and cost-aware software development cycle, and the delivery of case studies of future internet application scenarios.

The first three activities represent the traditional stages of (secure) software development: from requirements over architecture and design to the composition and/or programming of working solutions. These three activities interact to ensure the integration between the methods and techniques that are proposed and evaluated. This is a first element that drives to research integration.

In addition, our research programme adds two horizontal activities that span the service creation process.

Both the security assurance programme and the programme on Risk and Cost aware SDLC will interact with each of the initial three activities, drive the requirements of these activities and leverage upon, even integrate their outcome. This is a second element that drives to research integration.

Finally, notice that all 5 research activities mentioned above will be inspired and evaluated by their application in specific FI application scenarios. This third element complements the overall research programme that leads to integrated research and intensive research collaboration within NESSoS.