Home Assurance

This activity covers new programming platforms that deliver development and run-time environments for trustworthy application code to be executed in the complex application scenarios depicted by the Future Internet. The fragmentation of ownership, the dynamic composition of services (hosted and deployed by multiple providers), and the hybrid aggregation of content and functionality require platforms to cope with complex security policies (such as end-to-end information flow and usage control) across multiple trust boundaries. In this activity, the necessary support to enforce such complex security policies is investigated on three different levels: at the level of dynamic service composition, at the level of the execution platform, and at the level of the underlying programming language.

The main objective of this activity is to extend and create improved programming platforms for service-oriented applications of the Future Internet. This theme includes enhanced development and run-time environments. The first goal is to support secure service composition in service creation languages. The second goal is to develop platform support for security enforcement, both in language execution environments as well as in middleware. The third goal is to enhance the mainstream languages that are used in the core of service platforms.

The major deliverables of this activity will cover:

  • Security support for service composition languages;
  • Run time and platform support for security enforcement;
  • Security support for programming languages, aiming for verification.