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Future Internet Application Scenarios

Case studies will be selected from many candidates. Future Internet applications emerge from application domains such as nomadic users of mobile computing devices, the Internet of Things. Other examples emerge from e-health, e-commerce, as well as supervision & control. A unifying trait of the above-mentioned examples is the need for an underpinning ecosystem of independently reusable services, provided by multiple parties and organizations. Hence, we will ensure that Software as a Service (SaaS) is represented in our selection of case studies, as well as embedded platforms that make applications representative for the Internet of Things.

The aim of this activity is to select and describe a set of industry-relevant application scenarios and to validate these specifications using the NESSoS methodologies and tools. This serves both as a guide for the other research areas, as well as a proof of concept, providing examples on which we will employ and evaluate the concepts, methodologies, techniques, and tools developed or presented in the other activities. Thus, the demonstrators and case studies provide input to the NESSoS methodologies and tools as well as feedback on the practical suitability of all its components.

The major deliverables include:

  • A set of Application Scenarios to drive and inspire the NESSoS research;
  • The validation of NESSoS methodologies in specific Application Scenarios;
  • Two demonstrations to illustrate the outcome of integrated research in NESSoS.