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Dissemination and Communication

Several activities are foreseen, in particular the publication of scientific work at the main events in the area as well as in archival journals. We will also foster main scientific events that could attract a critical mass of attention from the scientific community interested in the area, such as, for instance, the recently established ESSoS symposium.

NESSoS will also manage a web portal to make available and disseminate the CBK acquired by the project together with an open forum to discuss it; a newsletter and mailing list to rapidly disseminate events and information related to the topic of our research. NESSoS will organize strategic seminars, also in cooperation with other research organizations in Europe that could be useful to spread the research activities also towards the industrial audience. NESSoS will as well trigger open contests on the main research challenges that could help to compare and discuss the work of the NoE with other international initiatives. NESSoS will also increase public awareness on the issues of secure software based service engineering and on trustworthy ICT services. In this respect, NESSoS will foster public awareness by several means, in particular through a series of open events as well as communications in several media, clarifying the research challenges addressed as well as the progresses achieved.

The main deliverables of this activity include:

  • A community network with managed content by NESSoS and its external relations, including the managed content of the web portal;
  • A stream of publications to increase public awareness;
  • A set of organized events to increase external communication within the research community.
1 FOSAD 2015 3346
2 QASA 2014 - Program Available 8701
3 The 14th edition of the summer school on Foundations of Security Analysis and Design (FOSAD) 8486
4 NESSoS - eRISE 2012 on Digital Agenda For Europe 754
5 NESSoS research roadmap on Digital Agenda For Europe 777
6 NESSoS invited presentation at ValueSec event 6078
7 NESSoS - EIT ICT Labs Workshop on Mobile Devices Security and Privacy 1542
8 13 Edition of the summer school on Foundations of Security Analysis and Design (FOSAD 2013) 1677
9 CBK presentation at local network security workshop in Essen, Germany 1074
10 CBK presentation at ESSoS 835
11 UDE presented the CB at the IFIP TM Springschool in Malaga 836
12 UDE presented the CBK at a local event of the networker ev. 910
13 UDE presented the CBK at an invited talk in Trondheim 827
14 UDE presented the CBK at an invited talk at Fraunhofer INT 793
15 UDE presented the CBK at the IT Security Managament Group of the university Siegen, Germany 810
16 UDE presented the CBK at the 'Energie and Security Discussion' in Essen 836
17 NESSoS invited presentation at EECTF 2013 1260
18 Article about NESSoS in local Spanish media 919
19 FORBES unveils NESSoS War Games 939
20 Commissioner Neelie Kroes presents NESSoS as a key European effort for cyber security 1392
21 NESSoS Panel at CPDP 2013 993
22 eRISE Challenge 2012 1256
23 NESSoS Roadmap presented at FIA roadmapping sesscion 858
24 CORAS presented in Norwegian online media 1333
25 Presented the NESSoS Common Body of Knowledge at the ARES Conference 1037
26 NESSoS roadmap presented at STM'12 Working Group meeting 1004
27 NESSoS presentation on privacy related topics at the SMART Workshop 1181
28 NESSoS poster presented at TrustBus'12 951
29 NESSoS Co-organized Workshop on Web Service Security Contracts at CSP EU Forum 1110
30 Presentation of Nessos and Nessos CBK at VDE EWNS Workshop in Essen, Germany 1046
31 Feature article in Norwegian trade magazine 1137
32 Best Paper Award to NESSoS paper at BUSTECH 2011 976
33 NESSoS will be present at the Cyber Security and Privacy EU forum 966
34 Published Article in University of Malaga Newspaper 978
35 NESSoS presented at BIC Annual Forum 1005
36 Presentation of NESSoS to secondary schools in the area of Málaga 868
37 Best paper award at the USENIX 2011 conference for a NESSoS paper 1339
38 SOLE 24 ORE article. 1099
39 Submissions open for ESSoS 2012 conference 1520
40 Presentation of NESSoS project in the ERCIM STM WG meeting, Copenhagen (Denmark), 27th of June 2011 898
41 Co-evolution and access control 941
42 Requirements-driven runtime reconfiguration for security 951
43 PoFI 2011 Workshop on EU project addressing research issues in policies 986
44 UMA presented NESSoS in the EffectS+ Cluster meeting at Brussels, 29th of March 2011 895
45 ESSOS 2011: International Symposium on Engineering Secure Software and Systems 1117
46 Presentation of NESSoS project in Madrid 991