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Mobility program

The mobility of network fellows within the network of excellence is a mechanism that supports the integration of activities across various sites. It will bring together researchers working on related topics; it will drive knowledge exchange and knowledge generation through union and diversity. It will increase the capability of joint cooperation among researchers.

Under the umbrella of the virtual centre of excellence, fellows would either stay for short visits, or longer fixed periods, depending on the nature of the work, availability of the fellow and that of the hosting organization. The aim is for fellows to move within the network as easily as possible. Relevant infrastructure e.g., office space and technical facilities will be provided at each partner site to support and encourage such movement.

Exchange of fellows will be one of the main educational benefits of the network. In principle, and based on added value and opportunities that emerge:

  • Post-doctoral fellows and graduate student fellows (including MSc and PhD fellows) will be encouraged to visit another site undertaking research related to theirs. The fellows will take part in research activities (relevant to their research) on-going at the visited site, in an effort to increase cohesion of research ideas, and promote exchange of knowledge. Exchange of post-doctoral fellows and graduate student fellows will be the dominant activity of mobility in the network;
  • Another facet of the educational benefits of mobility involves researchers acting as teaching fellows to deliver courses at remote nodes. Such researchers will be appointed as visiting lecturers if visiting academic facilities, or consultants if visiting industrial nodes, and will give specialised graduate, undergraduate, or industry-oriented instruction in their specific research topic;
  • Industrial fellowshipswill offer an opportunity for industrial members of the network to spend time at an academic research centre, hence providing a channel for close cooperation between industry and academia and opening up possibilities for industry-driven research and transfer of research concepts to industry;
  • Faculty fellowships will complement industrial fellowships and offer a converse arrangement for experienced academics to spend time in industry with the goal to achieve the same effect: promote cohesion and knowledge exchange between industry and academia, as well as further joint initiatives.
  • 1 The NESSoS Mobility Portal is now open 2950