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The NoE will ultimately act as a European Virtual Centre of Excellence. This requires the integration of existing infrastructures among partners for establishing a collaborative working infrastructure, as well as common experimental facilities (collectively referred to as the JVRL). The scope of this activity is to provide the necessary underpinning support that enables the implementation and success of the other integration activities. In addition, we need to provide the necessary support for spreading of excellence.

The major deliverables of this activity include:

  • A software platform for internal collaboration (including wikis and document sharing, discussion boards, mailing lists, conferencing facilities, and so on);
  • A basic infrastructure to host and deploy the NESSoS WorkBench;
  • A web portal to support the sharing of knowledge, as well as the dissemination of knowledge and expertise;
  • A virtual education centre that is conceptually linked to the portal mentioned above.

All these facilities will be created, maintained and managed. This covers the major outcome of this activity.


JVRL structure


Components of the JVRL include:

1 The public dissemination mailing list is ready 3539