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Co-ordination of Trust and Security in the Future Internet
Contact: Fabio Martinelli

Building International Cooperation for Trustworthy ICT
Contact: Fabio Martinelli

WebSand (with KU Leuven)
Server-driven Outbound Web-application Sandboxing
Project Number: 256964
Contact: Frank Piessens (KUL)

Project Number: 257876, FP7-ICT-2009-5, ICT-2009.1.4: Trustworthy ICT 01/10/2010 - 30/09/2013
Secure Provision and Consumption in the Internet of Services
Contact: Jorge Cuellar (Siemens), This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

CRitical Infrastructure Security AnaLysIS
Project Number: 285477
Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (Siemens)

Policy-Assessed system-level Security of Sensitive Information processing in Virtualized Environments
Project Number: STREP-257644
Contact: Javier Lopez (Siemens)

Online identification of Failure and Attack on interdependent Critical InfrastructurES
Web site: N/A yet
Contact: Javier Lopez (Siemens)

Platform for the Secure Interconnection of Critical Infrastructures
Project type and number: Excellence Project, funded by the Andalusian Government Research Program (P10-TIC-06334)
Contact: Javier Lopez

Advanced Simulator for the Organized Cyber Defense
Project type and number: Spanish Ministry of Economy and Finance- INNPACTO Programme- IPT- 2011-1593-390000
Contact: Javier Lopez

Security Services PlatfoRm for the INternet of Things
Project type and number: CICYT project type funded by Spanish Ministry of Science
Contact: Javier Lopez

Advanced REsearch on Information Security and Privacy
Project type and number: Spain Ministry of Science (CONSOLIDER- INGENIO) - CSD2007 - 0004
Contact: Javier Lopez

Open Source Ambient Intelligence Commons for an Open and Sustainable Internet
Project type and number: funded by the Spanish Ministry of Industry (AVANZA I+D programme) and FEDER (TSI-020400-2008-114, TSI-020400-2009-92, TSI-020400-2011-43)
Contact: Javier Lopez

Security of Critical Elements of Controlled Electrical Networks
Project type and number: Spanish Ministry of industry (AVANZA I+D programme) and FEDER (TSI-020100-2011-152)
Contact: Javier Lopez

Autonomic Service Component Ensembles
Project number: 257414
Project type: IP of the 7th Framework FET Proactive
Contact: Nora Koch

DIAMONDS (Norwegian)
Effort-dependent technologies for multi-domain risk-based security testing
Funded by the Research Council of Norway under the VERDIKT research programme (201579/S10); part of the ITEA2 project with the same name (yet different full title)
Contact: Ketil Stølen (SINTEF)

DIAMONDS (European)
Development and Industrial Application of Multi-Domain Security Testing Technologies
European ITEA2 project (09018)
Contact: Ketil Stølen (SINTEF)

Framework for risk management of welfare services
Internal SINTEF project funded by SINTEF ICT
Contact: Bjørnar Solhaug (SINTEF)

Mobile decision support in emergency situations
Funded by the Research Council of Norway (187799/S10)
Contact: Ketil Stølen (SINTEF)

Dynamic Risk Assistant
Funded by the Research Council of Norway under the PETROMAKS programme
Web site: Not yet established
Contact: Atle Refsdal (SINTEF)

Secure Development of Trustworthy Composable Services
EU project 257930
Fabio Martinelli


Security and Safety modelling
EU project 295354 (temporary)
Fabio Martinelli


Cost-benefit analysis of current and future security measures in Europe
Contact: Jaime Martin (ATOS)