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Year: 2013

  • Allodi, L. & Massacci, F (2013). MalwareLab: Experimenting with Cybercrime Attack Tools. In USENIX Security CSET. [More] [Bibtex]
  • Gadyatskaya, O., Massacci, F., Nguyen, Q. -. & Chetali, B. (2013). Load time code certification for mobile phone Java cards. Journal of Information Security and Applications, 18, 108-129. [More] [Bibtex]
  • Büttner, F., Egea, M., Guerra, E. & de Lara, J (2013). Checking Model Transformation Refinement. In Duddy, K. & Kappel, G. (editors), Theory and Practice of Model Transformations - 6th International Conference, ICMT 2013, Budapest, Hungary, June 18-19, 2013. Proceedings, pages 158-173. Springer. [More] [Bibtex]
  • Dania, C. & Clavel, M (2013). OCL2FOL+: Coping with Undefinedness. In Cabot, J., Gogolla, M., Ráth, I. & Willink, E. D. (editors), OCL@MoDELS, pages 53-62. CEUR-WS.org. [More] [Bibtex]
  • Banerjee, A. & Naumann, D. A (2013). A Simple Semantics and Static Analysis for Stack Inspection. In Festschrift for Dave Schmidt, pages 284-308. [More] [Bibtex]
  • Rafique, M. Z. & Caballero, J (2013). FIRMA: Malware Clustering and Network Signature Generation with Mixed Network Behaviors. In Stolfo, S. J., Stavrou, A. & Wright, C. V. (editors), RAID, pages 144-163. Springer. [More] [Bibtex]
  • Barthe, G., Grégoire, B., Heraud, S., Olmedo, F. & Béguelin, S. Z. (2013). Verified indifferentiable hashing into elliptic curves. Journal of Computer Security, 21(6), 881-917. [More] [Bibtex]
  • Barthe, G., Pichardie, D. & Rezk, T. (2013). A certified lightweight non-interference Java bytecode verifier. Mathematical Structures in Computer Science, 23(5), 1032-1081. [More] [Bibtex]
  • Barthe, G., Köpf, B., Olmedo, F. & Béguelin, S. Z. (2013). Probabilistic Relational Reasoning for Differential Privacy. ACM Trans. Program. Lang. Syst., 35(3), 9. [More] [Bibtex]
  • Milushev, D. (2013). Reasoning about Hyperproperties. Phd Thesis. [More] [Online version] [Bibtex]
  • Groef, W. D., Devriese, D., Nikiforakis, N. & Piessens, F. (2013). Secure Multi-Execution of web scripts: Theory and practice. [More] [Bibtex]
  • Beckers, K., Côté, I., Faßbender, S., Heisel, M. & Hofbauer, S. (2013). A pattern-based method for establishing a cloud-specific information security management system. Requirements Engineering, 1-53. [More] [Bibtex]
  • Beckers, K., Hatebur, D. & Heisel, M (2013). A Problem-based Threat Analysis in compliance with Common Criteria. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security (ARES), pages 111-120. IEEE Computer Society. [More] [Bibtex]
  • Chen, P., Nikiforakis, N., Desmet, L. & Huygens, C (2013). A Dangerous Mix: Large-scale analysis of mixed-content websites. In Proceedings of the 16th Information Security Conference (ISC). [More] [Bibtex]
  • Acar, G., Juarez, M., Nikiforakis, N., Diaz, C., Gürses, S., Piessens, F. et al (2013). FPDetective: Dusting the Web for Fingerprinters. In Proceedings of the 2013 ACM SIGSAC Conference on Computer & Communications Security, pages 1129-1140. New York, NY, USA : ACM. [More] [Online version] [Bibtex]
  • Beckers, K., Heisel, M., Solhaug, B. & Stølen, K. (2013). ISMS-CORAS: A Structured Method for Establishing an ISO 27001 Compliant Information Security Management System, SINTEF. [More] [Bibtex]
  • Bergomi, F., Paul, S. & Solhaug, B (2013). Beyond Traceability: Compared Approaches to Consistent Security Risk Assessments. In Eighth International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security (ARES'13), pages 814-820. IEEE. [More] [Bibtex]
  • Ciancia, V., Martinelli, F., Matteucci, I., Petrocchi, M., Martın, J. A. & Pimentel, E (2013). Automated synthesis and ranking of secure BPMN orchestrators. In SECSE (Ares workshop). [More] [Bibtex]
  • Ngo, M., Massacci, F. & Gadyatskaya, O (2013). MAP-REDUCE Enforcement Framework of Information Flow Policies. In Workshop on Foundations of Computer Security (FCS 2013). [More] [Bibtex]
  • Cherif, A., Imine, A. & Rusinowitch, M. (2013). Practical access control management for distributed collaborative editors. Pervasive and Mobile Computing. [More] [Bibtex]
  • Omerovic, A., Kofod-Petersen, A., Solhaug, B. & Svagard, I (2013). Elicitation of Quality Characteristics for AAL Systems and Services. In Berlo, A., Hallenborg, K., Rodriguez, J., Tapia, D. & Novais, P. (editors), Ambient Intelligence - Software and Applications, pages 95-104. Springer International Publishing. [More] [Online version] [Bibtex]
  • Nappa, A., Rafique, M. Z. & Caballero, J (2013). Driving in the Cloud: An Analysis of Drive-by Download Operations and Abuse Reporting. In Rieck, K., Stewin, P. & Seifert, J.-P. (editors), DIMVA, pages 1-20. Springer. [More] [Bibtex]
  • Barthe, G. & Olmedo, F (2013). Beyond Differential Privacy: Composition Theorems and Relational Logic for f-divergences between Probabilistic Programs. In Fomin, F. V., Freivalds, R., Kwiatkowska, M. Z. & Peleg, D. (editors), ICALP (2), pages 49-60. Springer. [More] [Bibtex]
  • Banerjee, A., Naumann, D. A. & Rosenberg, S. (2013). Local Reasoning for Global Invariants, Part I: Region Logic. J. ACM, 60(3), 18. [More] [Bibtex]
  • Banerjee, A. & Naumann, D. A. (2013). Local Reasoning for Global Invariants, Part II: Dynamic Boundaries. J. ACM, 60(3), 19. [More] [Bibtex]
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