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Network Dialog Minimization and Network Dialog Diffing: Two Novel Primitives for Network Security Applications

Research Area: Uncategorized Year: 2014
Type of Publication: Technical Report
  • Rafique, M. Zubair
  • Huygens, Christophe
  • Caballero, Juan
Address: Madrid, Spain Institution: IMDEA Software Institute
Number: TR-IMDEA-S
Month: March
PARTNERS: IMDEA, KUL PROJECTS: European Union through Grant FP7-ICT No. 256980 (NESSoS), Spanish Government through Grant TIN2012-39391-C04-01 and Juan de la Cierva Fellowship. CITE(03/03/2014):0 urlhttps://software.imdea.org/~juanca/papers/TR-IMDEA-SW-2014-001.pdf