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Local Reasoning for Global Invariants, Part I: Region Logic

Research Area: Uncategorized Year: 2013
Type of Publication: Article
  • Banerjee, Anindya
  • Naumann, David A.
  • Rosenberg, Stan
Journal: J. ACM Volume: 60
Number: 3 Pages: 18
Journal's impact factor: 2.353
(Partners: IMDEA, Projects: Madrid Regional Government Project S2009TIC-1465 Prometidos; MINECO Project TIN2009-14599-C03-02 Desafios; EU NoE Project 256980 Nessos; US NSF grants CNS-0627748 and ITR-0326577; US NSF grants CNS-0627338, CRI-0708330, CCF-0429894, CCF-0915611, NoTrier) CITE(03/03/2014):10