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Building Trust and Reputation In: A Development Framework for Trust Models Implementation

Research Area: WP7 Year: 2012
Type of Publication: In Proceedings
  • Moyano, Francisco
  • Fernandez-Gago, Carmen
  • Lopez, Javier
Book title: 8th International Workshop on Security and Trust Management (STM 2012)
Address: Pisa
Month: September
partner: UMA; projects: NESSoS, ARES, SPRINT, NoTier; citations: 2
During the last years, many trust and reputation models have been proposed, each one targeting different contexts and purposes, and with their own particularities. While most contributions focus on defining ever-increasing complex models, little attention has been paid to the process of building these models inside applications during their implementation. The result is that models have traditionally considered as ad-hoc and after-the-fact solutions that do not always fit with the design of the application. To overcome this, we propose an object-oriented development framework onto which it is possible to build applications that require functionalities provided by trust and reputation models. The framework is extensible and flexible enough to allow implementing an important variety of trust models. This paper presents the framework, describes its main components, and gives examples on how to use it in order to implement three different trust models.