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The NESSoS partners are strongly committed to increase the research capabilities on secure services and systems engineering for the Future Internet. This also demands for education and training activities, also tailored for young researchers in order to create a consistent background in several areas and ease the future research and integration achievement. Several summer schools exist in security, and many of them are co-managed by researchers in the NoE. This will facilitate a smooth readdressing, extension and focusing of these events by leveraging on the research topics and results of this NoE. Another main objective is the definition of a set of syllabi on secure software engineering to be adopted in academia because the formation of software developers with the necessary background has been recognized to be a valuable mechanism to improve the security of production software.

The main deliverables of this activity include:

  • A reference master program for secure software engineering for FI services;
  • A reference PhD program for secure software engineering for FI services;
  • A best practice for organizing open competitions amongst master and PhD students;
  • An integration of all educational content in the Virtual Centre of Excellence.
1 ESSoS PhD Symposium CfP 4601
2 E-RISE 2013: Engineering of RIsk and SEcurity requirement 4032
3 Spring PhD School in Trustwhorthy and Secure Service Composition 1804
4 FOSAD/NESSoS PhD Summer school 2013 2716
5 FOSAD/NESSoS PhD Summer school 2012 1871
6 E-RISE 2011: Engineering of RIsk and SEcurity requirement 1999
7 FOSAD/NESSoS PhD Summer School 2011 1793