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Exploitation and Industry Liaison

NESSoS intends to build a relationship with the industry. On the one hand there is the need to maximise the impact of the NESSoS research activities upon the European industry, by organising the mechanisms for facilitating the transfer of technology. The collaborations will also happen through interaction with ETPs. On the other hand, the focus of NESSoS research activities is also on the topics and challenges that match the mid- and long-term requirements of industry. The contribution to the best practices in the area as well as readiness to receive useful and mutual feedback from industry is essential. An Industry Advisory Board (IAB) has been established having representatives from the main ICT companies active in Europe and several initiatives for cooperation with industry are planned. The consortium also embodies leading companies that will directly contribute to the efforts of the NoE and have main roles in ETPs as NESSI. Exploitation of the results of the NoE is also addressed by means of joint projects (at the national and international level) that capitalize common knowledge and resources of the involved parties. A plan for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) management will be set up. Contribution to standardization will be a key target to increase the impact of the research produced and to transfer the innovations into a key factor for economical growth in Europe.

The main deliverables of this activity include:

  • An inventory of industry-related information (e.g. standardisation bodies, ETPs, materials, data);
  • Alignment of NESSoS research results with industrial best practices;
  • The organisation of industry/research seminars to foster cooperation and mutual transfer of knowledge among researchers, practitioners and industrial stakeholders;
  • The creation and management of an industry advisory board (IAB);
  • Contribution to standardization;
  • An exploitation report for the project results;
  • IPR management.
1 Third NESSoS industrial forum - “Security By Design: From Theory to Practice” 2506
2 NESSoS Co-organized Event at FIA Poznan-Session 1741
3 First NESSOS Industry Seminar 2721