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We address the need to create a Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) of both research findings and industrial best practices that must be identified, assessed, disseminated and maintained, including data sets and benchmarking results. We will investigate what can be done in cooperation with other European initiatives as well as world-wide ones, for instance the SAFECode industrial initiative and the OMG. The NESSoS CBK will be the frontend of an internal knowledge repository that is managed by the NESSoS virtual centre of excellence.

This knowledge repository is aimed at providing a means for storing and sharing knowledge generated by members of the network. Knowledge comes in different formats and types such as data, tools, results, case studies, code, documentation, designs, scientific papers and experience reports. The ultimate goal of the knowledge sharing activity is definitely not just to collect information but also on integrating and structuring it for sharing purposes within the NoE, and to publish it in order to support the creation of a long lasting research community on secure software services for Future Internet.

The major deliverables include a managed state-of-the-art description of the area, a handbook and a knowledge portal.

1 The Web Portal for the CBK is on-line 2844