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Road-mapping and community building efforts

The aim of this activity is to enable the integration of scientific communities interested in the topics of NESSoS, in particular the security community, the software engineering community and the services engineering community being the most prominent. To this aim, NESSoS will cooperate and soundboard with existing research consortia. For instance, partners of NESSoS are prominent members of Security and Trust Management Working Group of ERCIM (the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics). It is essential for NESSoS to drive the integration activities based on the input that will be gathered from the prominent communities. Activities include the identification of research agendas, the definition of common research agendas as well as road-mapping activities that strengthen the research focus on secure Future Internet services. The labs working under the umbrella of the NESSoS will reshape and harmonize their research agendas, developing new research programs focusing on secure services in the Future Internet and globally contribute to the scientific growth and leadership of the European community.

Cooperation with the industrial stakeholders is included, e.g., via the European European Technology Platforms (ETPs) such as NESSI, NEM, ARTEMIS, and e-MOBILITY. NESSoS will cooperate with industry through an Industry Advisory Board (IAB), which accommodates a.o. members of three main ETPs.

The important deliverables include reports on cutting-edge activities and analysis of their alignment with relevant European and international activities in the research area, reports on the exploration of research gaps between European research community and engineers in industry and plans for fostering cooperation, the establishment of road-mapping activities, and integrated research agendas.

1 IFIP WG 11.14 Secure Engineering (NESSoS) 8794
2 The Final version of the NESSoS research roadmap is available 12780
3 NESSoS co-organized a session during ICT 2013 4218
4 NESSoS contributed to a FIA session 2628
5 Panel on the NESSoS research roadmap at ESSoS 2013 2609
6 On-line survey on the NESSoS research roadmap 2451
7 The second version of the NESSoS research roadmap is available 3082
8 The first NESSoS roadmap on Secure Software Engineering is now available 2822