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eRISE 2013 is the third edition of NESSoS Open Challenge organized by the University of Trento.

The eRISE (engineering RIsks and SEcurity Requirements) challenge is a series of empirical studies that aim to compare security engineering methods sponsored by
NESSoS European Project and EIT ICT Labs.

The idea of eRISE challenge is to bring together researchers, young students and practitioners to understand if security methods are effective and what features determine their effectiveness. With eRISE we want to be able to tell whether it is not a method to find security recommendations..it helps us to represent the model but does not help in finding solution or it helps to find out specific security requirements.

The eRISE 2013 challenge has been conducted to empirically evaluate security engineering and risk analysis methods. The event has been carried out in May and June 2013. The first part of experiment took place at the University of Trento, Italy (13-17 May, 2013), the second at Dauphine University, Paris, France (13-14 June, 2013).

link: https://securitylab.disi.unitn.it/doku.php?id=erise_2013